Mindful May – Day 21

I was at a concert recently and I didn’t notice but Assistant Elf commented on the amount of people on their phones.

I can understand them recording it for their future enjoyment and taking a few pictures, I was the same once ?but everywhere we looked we could see people updating their Facebook statuses, recording every single moment and not just young people, but people of all ages.

I remember all the times especially when the kids were little that I recorded all their moments (like the school play when I didn’t have it switched on, another time when I had the viewing not quite right and just caught the man in front’s head) I look back on so many things now and wish I had just enjoyed the moment with my own eyes rather than from behind a screen.

I remember when I first came to Australia and had to take videos and photos of everything (and I mean everything) “look there’s a bin with a kangaroo on it, I need a photo” – I was taking photos of literally rubbish! My poor family were so over smiling for the camera and I was missing all the beautiful sights but for whose benefit?

Now, I may take just a few photos but for the most, I enjoy the moment and what I call ‘Just being’.

Why don’t you try it?

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