GoZen! offers an innovative, simple way for kids to learn how to understand and control their worry. With an animation-based approach, kids come to understand their anxiety in a new way and have fun doing it. Best of all, we use research-based skills and techniques to help them become confident, happy and secure.

There are six modules with over 35 animations followed by key learning points and discussion questions. Anxiety relief skills are explained using simple language and real-life examples to reinforce each of the lessons.

Go Zen is based on the story of an alien, Neutrino, who comes to Earth to visit a town called Fliderdale. Neutrino’s mission is to help Science Guy teach kids about Worry. You will meet Nelly Moon, who worries about tests, grades, and everyday worries, Tomas Krishnamurti, who worries about dogs, talking in groups, and meeting new people and Mr. Diddlydoo, who worries about separation from his cat, George and worries that something bad will happen to George.

One of the first steps in helping a child alleviate anxiety is to teach them about what happens inside their brain when they get worried. Now, this may seem like a tall feat for a youngster, but even children as young as 3 or 4 can be taught about the “Thinking” brain versus the “Worry” brain. In GoZen! we personify these ideas with two fun characters: Til the Thinker and Widdle the Worrier.


Helping Elf has purchased the professional programmes for both GoZen and GoStrengths.

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