What People Are Saying About Us?

"Helping Elf programs have helped my daughter learn relaxation strategies, become more confident and assisted her to better cope with life’s daily demands and stresses. Pam is warm, kind hearted and my daughter jumps for joy every time she is able to see her. My daughter adds “Pam is the best”

What People Are Saying About Us?

"Pam is one of the most kind, beautiful and caring people I have the pleasure of knowing. She goes above and beyond to help, always putting other people first. Pam has been amazing with my daughter and I highly recommend her"

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Teen Tuesday Week 2

One of the biggest tasks for teenagers is searching for identity. Young people are busy working out who they are and where they fit in the world. This search can be influenced by gender, peer group, cultural background and family expectations. Some teens may fly through this without a hitch, but some may struggle to …

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Teen Tuesday Week 1

I’m not sure which is more challenging – being a teenager or being a parent of a teenager! My ‘kids’ are no longer teenagers, but my puppy is (and wow, that is such a challenge and took me back to ‘those days’) I remember my mum talking about payback and I would eventually understand when …

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Mindful May – Day 31

There are so many great mindfulness and meditation apps out there, I love Insight Timer, Calm, Smiling Minds but my absolute favourite and the one that got me to further my experience and seek a qualification in meditation is Headspace. When following any guided meditations or mindfulness exercise, it is really important for you to …

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