Mindful May – Day 26

I saw a wall sign recently which said if you are lucky enough to live by the sea, you are lucky enough.

How amazingly true is that for us Gold Coasters? yet we take our surroundings for granted so often.

I loved where I lived in England but the nearest sea was a very unpleasant hour and half drive away, and although beautiful in its own way, was very different to the Gold Coast. Here there are so many beautiful uncrowded beaches that we can explore, each one unique.

Different people will be drawn to different elements in nature, for example, forests, mountains, but I have always had an affinity with seas and oceans, maybe it is because I am a water sign – a Pisces (hence my sensitive nature ?I get such a source of strength and energy, feeling invigorated whenever I visit. I even have my own personal ocean and beach as my mind’s special place and go there in my imagination whenever I need a place to escape to, when I don’t want to be in the moment (such as in the dentist’s chair)

If you do share your energy with the sea, go and just be. If not, go and simply be in the place that brings you pleasure but most of all show some gratitude for the wonderful place you life, wherever that may be.

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