De-stress, have fun and ‘shake your bon bon’
with tasters of Body Percussion, African drumming,
meditation and mindfulness.

Rhythm is the mother tongue.
Everyone has rhythm and everyone speaks it.
The body is the one musical instrument we all carry with us.
Experience how rhythm can help wellbeing.

Studies have shown that drumming is a valuable way to treat a number of health and emotional issues, including stress, fatigue, anxiety, headaches, asthma and sleep and emotional difficulties as it promotes physical relaxation through the production of alpha brain waves associated with calm and feelings of well-being; the regulation of heart rate and breathing; the reduction of stress hormones and the cessation of hyper-vigilant thought patterns.

Freidman (2000)

Pam is an accredited Drum Circle facilitator with InRhythm.

The programme uses body percussion and meditation/mindfulness activities which promotes  concentration, self-expression and creativity in a fun relaxed environment.

Can be used in a group and individual setting.

No musical experience required and if you think you don’t have any rhythm, think again,if you have a heartbeat you have rhythm!

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