Elf Care is Not Elfish!

Do you look after your phone better than you look after yourself? We don’t start the day without our phone being charged, yet we often start the day without ourself being charged.

Don’t let your battery run flat – Look after your ELF

It has taken me a long time to practice what I preach and care for my own elf. As a mum, wife and a nurse, I am ‘programmed’ to look after others, with the innate believe that not to do so would be elfish.Like many people, my life has been busy and everything came to a head and I had no choice when I became ill. Now, I make sure I have some ‘me’ time,which I will admit is a lot easier now the ‘kids’ are older. Having that little bit of time for my elf means that I am so much more present for others.

Do something for your elf today – it doesn’t have to be elaborate (unless of course you want it to be) it could be something as simple as having a coffee with a friend, going for a walk or having a soak in a hot bubble bath.


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