Why Helping Elf?

When I first came to Australia six years ago, people struggled (and still do at times!) to understand my mixture of  Nottinghamshire  “ey up me duck”  and Yorkshire “nah than,all reyt?” twang. What I heard coming from my mouth as ‘mental health’ was lost in translation as ‘mental elf’ and so a seed was sown.

As we  know there are a number of Elf ‘families’, such as Dobby, Legolas and Ben Elf, but my favourite of all are the Christmas Elves, so I sent a letter to Santa asking if he could spare some of his tireless workers to help develop a mental elf service and so Helping Elf began….an elf is not just for christmas.

Our elves will be keeping you updated on all things mental elf over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to see what they have been getting up to, but most of all remember……….

Look after your elf!

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