How Powerful Are Movies?

How Powerful Are Movies?
I still have the songs from The Greatest Showman running around my head even three weeks after I went to see it (and I loved it that much, I went to see it again and brought the soundtrack)
We are all so unique and should be celebrating our differences, instead we believe we have to be like others to fit in. That is particularly so for today’s children and young people, and yes, it is all part of their development, but how sad for those who already feel different and are then told they are different.
I have a birthmark on my leg and as a child I experienced so many questions, stares and felt like a freak…I was told it was the mark of the devil, not good for a shy little kid who already felt rubbish about herself.
I was 15 when I had a skin graft to have it removed, as it was a big brown hairy thing. Unfortunately, it didn’t fully work, but in those days, it was pretty good and thanks to my sister, who worked with the surgeon so could pull a few strings. I think my parents were hoping it would bring me out of my “sensitivity shell”. – it didn’t, but it is a great improvement.
I still see people looking at it on the occasions when I wear shorts or a skirt, but it no longer bothers me -it’s also no longer brown or hairy ?
Wonder was another movie that really resonated with me, and it is fabulous to hear that so many teachers are reading the story to their classes.
We need to remind ourselves and our children that we are all beautiful in our own way and in the words of Shane Koyczan.
“If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer”.
“From Now On” I make no apologies – “ THIS IS ME!”
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