What are your thoughts about the Law of Attraction?

My mum has been talking about the ‘cosmos’ for years. Whenever I spoke to her about things like a job, mortgage, kids etc., she’d tell me she’d ask the ‘cosmos’.
It wasn’t until I heard a presentation on the Law of Attraction last year that it began make sense.
It all sounds simple doesn’t it – if all we need to do is think what we want, then why is there so much misery in the world?
“Positive attracts Positive”
Do you know people who are so super positive and appear to get whatever they want and others who seem to have everything ‘go wrong’ for them? Is that law of attraction, a personality trait or just coincidence?
I read The Secret and decided to give it a go and have noticed the more positive my outlook, the more I get the things I am looking for (and by that I don’t mean world peace or loads of money but it may be something simple like a parking space, a presentation going well)
You must be specific though as the law of attraction doesn’t compute don’t, not, no or other words of negotiation. So, if you say to the universe, “I want a nice day today with no rain”, it won’t hear the no and chances are it will rain!
Now it is me ‘harping on’ about the universe and my kids who look at me with the same expression I did with my mum!
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