Mindful May – Day 11

The good thing about djembe is anyone can play, you don’t have to be musical to be able to make rhythm. We all have rhythm, we all have a pulse. If you think about it, rhythm is all around us, although we are often unaware of it.

Mindfulness is about using your senses to be non-judgementally in the here and now. Studies have shown that drumming is a valuable way to treat a number of health and emotional issues, including stress, fatigue, anxiety, headaches, asthma and sleep and emotional difficulties as it promotes physical relaxation through the production of alpha brain waves associated with calm and feelings of well-being; the regulation of heart rate and breathing; the reduction of stress hormones and the cessation of hyper-vigilant thought patterns.

Put on your favourite song or piece of music, listen to it like you have never heard it before – feel the music, get in the zone and most of all – ENJOY!


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