Introducing Mindful May

Follow me, Marley and Merlin Meddy Teddy as each day we demonstrate how you can bring more mindfulness in to your life – we will be sharing tips, activities, clips, books, apps,etc.
Mondays in May will also have some very special offers, so keep tuned and please feel free to share.
For the first day, the first offer is we are greatly reducing the cost of the Peaceful Kids program to only $110 – starting Sunday 17th May and running for 8 weeks.
Today’s tip:
Ask yourself – how often are my mind and body in the same place at the same time?
Research identifies that we are in a state of distraction almost 50% (46.9) of the time, thinking and worrying about what we did yesterday, what we have to do tomorrow, that we are very rarely actually in the present, the here and now.! How remarkable is that to think we spend so much in ‘automatic pilot’ ?– when in this state we are more likely to make mistakes, have our buttons pressed, react without thinking!
Be present TODAY and EVERYDAY!

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